In 1972 Apollo pioneered a new concept in hair restoration…Professional Customer Care. With offices world wide, Apollo has remained true to the Professional Customer Care concept through a passionate commitment to the Men, Women and Children who require our services.

Dedicated researchers, state-of-the-art products and award winning stylists made Apollo the world's fastest growing company specializing in hair restoration. 30 years later, with 200 offices in more than 20 countries worldwide, we continue to build on the legacy.

The real secret to Apollo's success is the people. We understand why thinning hair frustrates people as many of us have suffered from thinning and hair loss problems as well. The Apollo difference is in knowing what can be done about it.

Our worldwide teams of doctors, chemists, design engineers, stylists and clients continue to advance the technology and solutions available to solve virtually any hair loss problem.
Education and training, the foundation of any successful company, keeps Apollo on the cutting edge. Without question, our professional staff members offer the most exciting products and services in the market today. In an industry filled with products promising miracles, but seldom-delivering any, Apollo has REAL alternatives to REAL thinning and hair loss problems.

Don't you deserve world-class treatment? Should you accept anything less than affordable, professional answers to the daily problems you face with your hair and your hair loss? Apollo promises to help you regain confidence in your appearance. Confidence that brings excitement to your life because you know, as an Apollo client, you look your best! We're proud to have helped hundreds of thousands of men women and children all over the world know this feeling.

From treatments to stop hair loss, to products that promote healthy natural growth, to procedures that add hair to existing hair, Apollo brings the best to the most important people in the world-People like you. Apollo-a name you can trust-a name you can depend on-Worldwide.

If you are out of UAE, you can check out our branches in other Arabic countries:

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