Become a Dealer of Apollo
What is included in the Dealership Fee?
Preliminary Market study, advice upon site selection and store design, supply of construction and store opening Manuals, assistance in the selection of the initial inventory package, adequate pricing of products and services, Complete training program held both in the Regional training center , and in a one month on-the-Job training will be held. While travel and lodging expenses are additional , Professional assistance during store opening etc…

What is your royalty?
5% of the Gross Sales to be paid on a monthly basis.

Do you have an advertising support?
Yes, we do. We will be supplying you with different Art works approved by the Apollo office, along with a typical Apollo Promotional Plan. However, after having more than nine centers in this region, we are going to have a Regional advertising fund to which all Middle-Ea centers will contribute, and which min scope would be to advertise in the TV media.
What is the average size of an Apollo Center?
The size of a typical store usually ranges between 200 and 250 square meters.

Do I need to have any background in the Hair Business?
No. Hair Business experience is helpful, but not a requirement . We believe that a background in management and marketing is extremely helpful for centers' managers , especially in the retail and services business. Actually, what we do is offer a complete training program , which assumes the lack of experience or knowledge in the Hair Business.

How do I qualify?
Simply complete the application form and return it to us. It does not obligate you or us in any way whatsoever. Upon receipt of your application, we will supply you with the opportunities in your area(s) of interest.