Hair Replacement in Dubai – A Popular Choice To Fight Hair Loss
Hair Loss Treatment – It’s Possible To Subtract Those Unfair Years From Your Age

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Hair loss is a very common yet very unsettling occurrence that may hit men as they age or even in the prime of their youth. While male pattern baldness is usually observed in men in later years, the youth in as early as their twenties are beginning to complain about thinning hair which robs them of their desired looks besides adding years to their age.

Thinning hair can have many psychological effects, the most common being displeasure with how one looks and a significant drop in confidence and self-esteem. For many, the problem may appear to be an utter non-issue but for the ones who suffer from hair loss, the life can begin to go downhill as they shed the very confidence they need to excel.

Even with the incredible progress, the medical science has been unable to find a cure for the age-old problem of baldness. Some solutions, however, have been developed to manipulate and cover up the balding patches that the men sorely despise. The two prevalent methods of undoing the loss of hair include hair transplant and hair replacement systems.

An instant, budget-friendly solution

Hair transplants are expensive and take several months to show results. Besides, they’re invasive surgical procedures that take painful hours and involve anaesthetic and post-surgery medicines. Plus, transplants are not recommended for persons with heavy hair loss for want of unavailability of donor hair in the future should the need for a follow-up procedure arise. Scarring and infections are also common risks associated with hair transplants.

In comparison, hair replacements present a more practical solution. At a fraction of a transplant’s cost, people can get instant results without having to undergo any painful surgical procedure. As opposed to the usual 6-7 hours of hair transplant surgery, hair replacements can be done in as little as an hour allowing you to leave the hair clinic with a fuller scalp and a look you’ve desired for long.

Unlimited looks, boundless choices

Hair replacements give you limitless choices of how you may want to look. You can go for your natural hair tone and texture, or try something more dynamic, elegant, or youthful. Even the hairline on your scalp can be of your choosing, allowing you to go with a wider forehead or a narrower one. You’re also at the liberty of choosing any colour, style, density, texture, or length you want for your new hair.

There has been an incredible progress in hair replacement choices and the new systems don’t make you feel like you’re wearing an old-style wig or toupee. Instead, the new hair replacement systems deliver a more natural look that you’re free to customize as per your liking. They help you get a new look every time you exit the hair clinic and regain the confidence that your thinning hair have robbed you of.

Multiple, advanced attachment methods

In hair replacements, hair is attached to the surface by means of injecting or tying into the base of the surface for a more finished look. If it is to be attached to the existing hair, options include weaving, fusion, cabling beading, or bonding.

Part or all of the scalp is shaved to allow the attachment for the hair system – with special adhesive glues. The hair is human or synthetic weaved into the membrane mesh.For attachment to the skin, waterproof adhesives that are totally biologically safe are used.

Pros & cons of hair replacement systems

In hair replacement systems, pros significantly outweigh the cons. As opposed to hair transplant where small factors such as the density and quality of the donor hair also matter a lot, hair replacement systems come with no such sensitivities or the risks of the procedure going wrong.

Here, we are listing some advantages and disadvantages to help you make an educated decision about your hair loss treatment.


- Less expensive than hair transplant
- Non-invasive, non-surgical, no pain involved
- No anaesthetic or medicine involved
- No risk of scarring or infection
- No long wait: instant new look
- Multitude of choices of color and texture
- Suitable for heavy hair loss


- Wearer may feel like using a wig
- Requires regular maintenance
- Requires frequent cleaning
- Not a one-time procedure

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Hair Loss Treatment – It’s Possible To Subtract Those Unfair Years From Your Age