Hair Transplant Vs Hair Replacement in Dubai, UAE: All You Need To Know
Hair Loss Treatment – It’s Possible To Subtract Those Unfair Years From Your Age

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Although a very common occurrence, a receding hairline can cause intense emotional suffering and potential loss of self-confidence for many men (and even women). While there are men out there who shave their head on purpose as a style statement, many naturally balding men despise this phenomenon as it adds many years to their actual age, taking away the youthful look they aspire.

While men are the primary victims of balding, some women also uncommonly suffer from it. Many factors – including age, family history, health issues, and stress – can bring about baldness of the scalp. The most common type, however, is male pattern baldness that happens as hormone levels change over a man's lifetime, especially in the later years.

While there’s still no medicine ‘cure’ for baldness even in this day and age of science, some methods have been developed to manipulate or hide baldness. Two major procedures to address baldness and help people regain their youthful look include hair transplant and hair replacement.

Depending on the health and density of your hair, as well as your preference of invasive or non-surgical procedure, you can go with either one of these two options to cover up your baldness and regain your lost confidence.

Hair transplant – expensive and Time-taking

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles, taken from other parts of the scalp, are painstakingly implanted into the balding parts. Each follicle is individually taken out and replanted into patient’s scalp that’s numbed using local anaesthetic, making it an hours-long surgery. Strips of hair follicles are taken out, dissected, and implanted into tiny incisions made in the scalp, just like a tree is planted.

Many things have to be taken into consideration by the surgeon performing the transplant. They will look at the speed of your hair loss, the availability of donor hair at the time of surgery and in the future in case balding elsewhere on the scalp continues, and even the direction that each hair is planted in to achieve the look that the person desires.

Although the procedure is hailed as a long-term solution to hair loss, the results are not immediate and you have to wait for months – usually up to 6 months – to let the newly planted hair ‘grow’. But once your scalp looks fertile with the new hair, you can wash them, oil them, style them the way you want, and even get a haircut, just as you would with the normal hair.

But, like every other type of cosmetic surgery, hair transplant takes a lot of expertise for the results to be cosmetically acceptable for the person who undergoes the procedure. For many, the solution may not bring desired results and as their balding continues, they may need follow-up procedures over time for a more consistent look than a patched looking scalp. But, for the ones with sparsely thinning hair, transplant may be the best option.

Hair replacement – cheaper and instant Alternative

For those looking for non-surgical, non-invasive, wholesome, and immediate solution to their hair loos, hair replacement is the perfect solution. Compared to the painful and prolonged procedure of hair transplant, hair replacement offers an immediate solution where you can leave the hair clinic with a whole new look within hours. There’s no pain, risk, high cost, or long wait involved and you get the right results with immediate effect at a fraction of the transplant cost.

Forget the old odd looks of wigs and toupees that were easy to spot and looked terribly unnatural. Today, the hair replacement systems have improved dramatically and use high-quality materials that not only give you a completely natural look but also last long. The hair used is often natural human hair but other synthetic options are available too if you’re willing to invest more into your hair loss treatment.

No matter what the reason of your balding, hair replacements provide in instant remedy while giving you a multitude of options to choose from. You can choose any colour, style, density, texture, or length you desire and your new hair will be ready to become a part of you and subtract years from your apparent age besides giving you the self-confidence that balding has robbed you of.

There are many ways the hair is attached to your scalp in the hair replacement system. Some methods include tying or injecting it into the base for a more finished look. If it is to be attached to existing hair, options include weaving, fusion, cabling beading, or bonding. A few drawbacks of the hair replacement system include the feeling of using a wig for the wearer, and the need for regular maintenance and frequent cleaning.

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