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Our most popular solution.

Restore your hair with Apollo’s exclusive hair replacement system that fits your lifestyle.

Hair replacement is a technique that gives you a full head of hair that you can cut, color and style to achieve your desired look.

  • All Levels of Hair Loss: Whether you have just started losing your hair, or are completely bald, the hair replacement system is tailored to fit your specific needs.

  • Natural Looking Results: New hair is customized to match your existing hair color, texture, and angle of growth so it’s virtually undetectable.

  • Fast, Impressive Transformation: Our non-surgical hair loss solutions completely transform your look and will send your confidence soaring in no time.

You can treat it like your own natural hair; swim, run marathons, and sleep comfortably all with your Apollo Hair, without anyone noticing any difference.

(it is very likely you know at least one person that uses Apollo, even if you don’t know about it!).


The focus of this service is to have people take care of the hair they currently have and to help prevent further balding.

We use a mix of several Apollo products to improve the health of the hair and scalp and prevent further hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss, Apollo hair treatment is the solution for such problems.

Hair care sessions from Apollo are recommended for everyone to maintain a healthy scalp & strong thick hair. However, it is a solution that requires you to commit to treatment sessions to achieve promising results.

Hair treatment is the most “natural” hair solution Apollo offers. It is very affordable, and the cost depends on the required number of sessions.

In Apollo, we pamper your hair to make it healthier & last longer.

Private Consultation

An initial consultation is likely to last up to 45 minutes, during which the Hair Consultant gathers information about your health, hereditary-pattern, etc..

It is only after this detailed inquiry and a microscopic hair and scalp evaluation that the Hair Consultant will be able to make a diagnosis and give his recommendations, and estimate the cost, leaving the decision strictly up to you.

Our amazing & friendly staff at Apollo are here to help our clients to return their self-image and confidence.