Avoid Hair Loss with These Essential Prevention Techniques

Don’t take your hair for granted! Although there is no way to reverse hair loss, there are some things that you can do to prevent the onset of hair thinning that eventually leads to hair loss and baldness.

Get the right nutrients :-

A healthy diet with the right balance of nutrients is the first step in helping prevent hair loss. The most important nutrients are protein and iron, since these are vital in ensuring that your hair stays healthy. You can get these two nutrients by eating lean meat such as fish, beef or pork or vegetarian sources such as soybeans, lentils and spinach. In addition, you should also make sure that you have enough of the following: Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and trace minerals such as copper, selenium and magnesium.

Scalp massage :-

Massaging your scalp regularly with a kneading motion can help increase blood circulation and ensure that there are more nutrients available to promote hair growth. In addition, it can also help reduce stress, which can help make your hair follicles become healthier.

To do your own scalp massage, make sure that you use a massage oil that is right for you. Apply the oil all over your scalp before the massage. Start by rubbing your temples with a circular motion and gradually move to the back of your head. Don’t press too hard but use a firm motion and gradually increase the pressure. Be sure that you have massaged the top of your scalp as well as the sides. Leave the massage oil on for thirty minutes after the massage before you rinse it off.

Stress management :-

While there is as yet no evidence that long-term exposure to stress can eventually cause hair loss, it can affect your overall health, which will also have an impact on your hair. In addition, the sudden onset of an extremely stressful situation, such as giving birth or undergoing severe trauma, can result in hair loss. While there is nothing you can do about extreme and unexpected stress, there are steps you can take to deal with chronic stress.

Among the stress management techniques that have been proven to be effective is meditation. There are a number of simple meditation methods that you can adopt, including mindless meditation in which you stare at a candle flame or savor every bite of food that you eat. Another great way to meditate is simply to take a walk or hike and enjoy your surroundings.

Change your medications :-

There are some medicines that you may have been prescribed which can cause hair loss, including some older birth control pills as well as some other hormone therapy medications. If you believe that any medicines you are taking are causing you to lose your hair, consult with your doctor for any alternatives that can be prescribed.

Acupuncture :-

Although there are not yet any scientific studies that have definitively confirmed that this Chinese medical practice is effective, there are a lot of testimonies from people who have tried it and say that it has helped them. Acupuncture uses needles inserted into key points of your body to promote blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles to ensure healthy hair.

If you choose to try acupuncture, you should be aware that it is not intended to provide quick results. You will have to undergo multiple sessions over a long period of time before you see results, and you will also have to take herbal remedies or apply topical ointments. In addition, the acupuncturist may also recommend that you have hot towel massages to further stimulate blood circulation in your body.

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