Quick Fixes to Hide Your Thinning Hair

These days, there are more options for women suffering from hair loss, including low-light therapy, minoxidil, and even advanced hair replacement and transplant services. But these represent a long-term solution to hair loss that will not show immediate or short-term results. What can you do in the meantime to disguise your thinning hair? Try these:

Layering. One way that you can hide thinning hair is to add layers to it. Ask your stylist to cut your hair short since it seems to have more volume, then layer it. In addition, the layers should be around your face while the back stays full since this provides the illusion of body as well as fullness.

Coloring. This is a simple technique that you can use to add the illusion of volume, since coloring your hair makes the cuticles swell up, increasing their diameter. At the same time, however, you should use the right products and avoid coloring too often since this can damage your hair. So make sure that after coloring, you just touch up your roots every month and add highlights every two to three weeks to avoid problems.

Another coloring tip: instead of going darker, go lighter. Darker colors make your thinning hair more noticeable. Try lightening your natural color by several shades since this will make the areas in your hair where the scalp shows through less conspicuous.

You can also try scalp coloring if the bald patches are too noticeable. These are available as spray-ons that you can apply at home. All you have to do is choose the shade that matches your natural hair color and you can create the illusion that you still have a full head of hair.

Use the right shampoo. In order to avoid further damaging your thinning hair, you should wash with a volumizing shampoo that does not have harsh ingredients such as detergents or sulfates. At the same time, however, the shampoo should be able to remove excess oils from your hair that can make it look limp; ask your stylist to recommend a formula that best suits your hair type.

Blowout your hair. In order to make your hair look livelier, pull sections of it upward with a round brush and the direction opposite to the way it naturally falls. Thus, the parts of your hair that fall on the right side should be pulled to the left. To avoid damaging your hair, use a brush that has natural bristles rather than metal ones, since metal will apply to much heat on hair strands.

Cool your hair on rollers. After washing your hair, instead of blow-drying it, which can hurt its texture, you can increase its volume by using rollers. Roll your hair in sections away from your face, focusing on your forehead and crown area. Leave them on for at least ten minutes.

Change your hairstyle. Work with your stylist to find a new hairstyle that would help hide your thinning hair or you can experiment at home. Some suggestions include parting your hair in a different way.

You can also try out accessories that would de-emphasize the parts of your hair that you don’t want people to notice. Elastic headbands are an effective and inexpensive fix to hide thinning hair, or you can simply take your favorite scarf and fold it into an improvised headband.

Apply keratin protein fibers. Hair is made of protein and needs a steady supply of it to stay healthy. One new product that can help with thinning hair is keratin protein fibers, which actually come in powder form. The fibers make your hair look thicker by attaching themselves to the strands.

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